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  1. For a great webinar on “how to” hyperlink from Luta Pleiss and the District of Nebraska, see:
  2. LinkBuilder.  See the Getting Started tab.
  3. Judge Cheryl Zwart has put together a great powerpoint on how to hyperlink: Hyperlinking in Fedl Ct
  4. District Judge Nuffer of Utah has this resource for hyperlinking: Creating_A_Really_Accessible_Document_061013[1]
  5. Here is a helpful training video from the Administrative Office of the Courts on hyperlinking between documents already in or filed simulataneously in CM/ECF:
  6. District of Nebraska Senior District Judge Richard Kopf’s blog entries: and
  7. D. Nebraska’s training module on creating hyperlinks to other CM/ECF documents:
  8. The Attorney Guide to Hyperlinking in the Federal Courts for Microsoft Word Users:
    The Attorney Guide to Hyperlnking in the Federal Courts for WordPerfect Users:
  9. Here is a guide to electronic appellate briefs (PDF) from the Supreme Court of Texas and a link to their e-brief website
  10. This is an ABA article on electronic briefs.
  11. Hyperlinking and electronic briefs are not new:  See Legal Weblog at Blogspot.
  12. At some point the federal judiciary will be moving to PDF/A.  See  for some additional discussion about this product.   PDF/A presents some difficulties with respect to hyperlinks.  However, if Word users create the document in Word 2007 or 2010 and use the “Save As” (2007 and 2010), “Save as Adobe PDF” (2010), or “Adobe PDF” (2007) methods to produce the PDF/A file, the links will survive.  WordPerfect users, however, are apparently out of luck.  At the moment only two federal district courts (S.D.N.Y. and W.D. Pa.) mandate PDF/A.

One thought on “Resources and Other Information

  1. Michael Cartier

    Creating an ebrief as an afterthought (and either manually going through each citation and creating a link or paying someone else to do it) is counter-intuitive. After you’ve already spent time citing the correct case or exhibit it seems a waste of time to create hyperlinks afterwards, when these links would have been handy while drafting the submission itself.

    ExhibitManager ( is an intelligent software which helps you collect, organize and cite exhibits (but also cases) in your submission. With the push of a button it will then number and stamp your exhibits electronically and – with no additional cost – create a fully hyperlinked ebrief in a matter of minutes.


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